We can transcribe from just about any audio/video format such as: MP3, wav, avi, mov, wmp, mpeg, dvd, and cd.

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2-day turn around
2-day turn around
2-day turn around
Timecodes: + $0.25 /min
24 hr rush: + $0.50 /min
Timecodes: + $0.25 /min
24 hr rush: + $0.50 /min
Timecodes: + $0.25 /min
24 hr rush: + $0.50 /min
This is audio/video that is either professionally recorded or recorded with clear audio with 1-2 speakers. There is little or no background noise and is done in a quiet environment. This is audio/video that is good quality, with 3-4 speakers and includes light accents. This is audio/video which has significant background noise, 4+ speakers, and/or speakers with heavy accents.

Additional Information

Foreign Language Translation/Transcription: Starts at $4/audio minute per language. Turn around times will vary depending on the project.

Pop-on TV Captioning in SRT format: $6/minute. Includes transcript.

When submitting your project please indicate if you want smooth verbatim (um’s, uh’s, false starts taken out) or strict verbatim (all utterances included).

Rates are per audio/video minute.

If you have a preferred method for sending files, just email me and let me know what is coming. Otherwise, files can be sent to me via DropBox (a free service). Simply contact us and we will send you an invitation and instructions on how to send your files. It is as easy as copy and paste and DropBox is secure.

Experience quality and speed

  • 20 minutes or 20-plus hours – no job too big or too small
  • Overnight and next day services available
  • We use only the best US-based transcribers
  • Customize your project – we aim to please!
  • Customer Service available day or night
  • Straight forward billing – no surprises!
  • Student discounts available

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